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Just a quick post to kick off the prep work on the next project, the engine which powered the railway workshop in Lyon in the 1800s. A friend, Rich Carlstedt shared an engraving of it hes got with a few friends, and it just seemed plain rude to let all that detail go to waste 

Solidworks modelling is progressing intermittently but nicely, so we should be looking to start work on castings and drawings in the not too distant future. To give an idea of scale, the flywheel will be just under 12 diameter.

Dave Otto:
Beautiful engine Dave,
It will be fun to watch this one progress.


Oh, that one will be a beauty for sure...lots of detail work and the base will only add all the more to it in the end. I love it!!


Roger B:
That looks to be a fun project  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp: The gear system around the governor on it's own looks to be a complete project  :headscratch:

I shall look forward to following this one along.

Funny enough after your post the other day I came across this while looking for something else



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