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Four Jaw Chuck, with a difference.
« on: November 30, 2016, 04:25:37 PM »
The video this time is for something unique  which I call an alternative to the four jaw chuck.   However, whilst the device will do everything that a normal four jaw chuck will, and much more, I consider that it is best to also have a conventional chuck due to it being quicker to use when just holding the smaller sizes of square or round workpieces.

These are the main plus and minus points.
Can use a mix of jaws and workpiece clamps
Has deeper jaws than a comparable sized chuck, *35mm compared to 20mm
With the jaws still within the perimeter of the body it takes much larger diameters than a comparable sized chuck, *83mm compared to 58mm
Total projection from the lathe's mandrel mounting surface is less, *65mm compared to 73mm
Very much more adaptable for complex shaped workpieces and at sizes beyond those possible with a comparable sized chuck.
When holding round bar, it can be set to run true,  both adjacent to the jaw, and at the bar's end.
Reversing the jaws, which is a slow process, is not required.
Much easier to keep the mechanisms clean
Can be used without the jaws as a very robust and adaptable faceplate.

*Comparisons are with my 6" four jaw chuck.

Minus points, just one, it will be slower to set up for smaller round and square workpieces unless it was already set for them from the previous task.

A link to the video can be found here

I now have 16 videos available for viewing and for anyone having missed some the full list so far can be found here

Harold Hall