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Making "Tina"
« on: October 23, 2016, 07:42:32 PM »
A few years back I chose the stationary steam engine "Tina" to check the capabilities of the lathe mounted milling head which I had  made. On receiving the kit of parts I was surprised to see just how big the engine was and realising that it was really going to put the milling head to the test. The end result though was that I was more that satisfied with its performance.

The build process for the engine can be found on my website at  though it is biased towards using the milling head where other methods may be normally used.

I have been prompted to comment on the engine build as I have now produced a video shown the milling head being used, a link for which can be found on this page,  The video has a running time of less than 5 minutes so even if you have a milling machine do have a look at the video you may find it interesting. Incidentally, a milling machine is not required to make the head.

If any reader would like more information regarding the videos which I am now publishing see another thread on this forum for more details.,6431.0.html

Harold Hall