Author Topic: Cotton Ginning Day2 2016  (Read 863 times)

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Cotton Ginning Day2 2016
« on: October 10, 2016, 02:04:26 AM »
I wish I had lots of interesting pictures to add as to this year's show, but hurricane Matthew had other ideas. While we had a great crowd of spectators today with beautiful blue skies and wonderful temps. in the 70's, both Friday and Saturday were a washout with continuous rainfall.

As I mentioned earlier this year in another thread, we have added a new permanent display of the steam engine shown in the below picture along with a compressor run off the Fairbanks Morse diesel engine, a huge air reservoir tank and the needed piping connecting it all. This year we were able to run the engine intermittently off air though doing so has highlighted several issues we will address in the coming year. The crosshead is in pretty good shape but the main bearings (babbit) are badly worn as is the packing gland. I also took a brief video of it running which is included as well....sorry for the less that stellar quality. The sound of the engine indicates some of the above problems, but it  does at least RUN, albeit under no load. Hopefully by next year it will sound much better.