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Another Hoglet
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:53:07 AM »
Hello Members,
Having recently completed my Hoglet, I thought it may be of interest to pass on a couple of the problem areas I experienced.   Took a while to overcome the"blowing" instead of "sucking" of fuel. This was fixed by setting the valve timing to the appropriate cylinder.  Fitted CI rings rather than "O" rings. This was a personal preference.  Made the 20 tooth crank sprocket with an extended boss which allows the fitting of 2 x 3mm socket head grub screws.
If the specified tapered socket head cap screw should come loose it can cause a major mangle -up of the Hall ignition timing arm etc. [I found out!]
The carby specified is no longer available.  First carby was a design which I though would do the job.  Just dumped fuel. Gave up on this one. Was using 91 0ctane petrol/oil mix.  Bought a 10C of OS brand. This gave some running life on methanol, but again I could not overcome fuel dumping to sustain continous running.  Current situation is a carby to the plans of Gerry Howell`s 2 jet model.   Good detailed specifications, a test of good machining practices plus an adrenalin boost when drilling the 0.018" jets.  With a fuel of "Shellite" [Coleman`s fluid?] with 5% WD40 I have achieved an instant starter with a low idle to a good top end.   I am convinced it sounds like a Harley.   If I can work out how to post pictures I will do so.
Cheers, lantain1982

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Re: Another Hoglet
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2016, 08:03:06 AM »
Thanks Bill,

It is always useful to know if there are little challenges awaiting us on our engine builds.

I am sure at least two of our members are building these "at the moment"  :)

Enjoyment is more important than achievement.