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Hello, everyone..... I'm still around!  ;D

After another painful year, I'm managing to get into my workshop, once more.  :whoohoo:

The Doc put me on statins, three years ago. I've finally realised, just what has been causing me such grief, for so long.

I stopped taking them, a month ago, and now feel a new man! And, the walking stick has gone back into the cupboard......  :cartwheel:

Another needy orphan/ doorstop, arrived in July. I call him, Boris.........

Does anyone recognise the build?  Are there any plans out there?

The usual problem. Power cyl volume too large. Both cylinders, almost the same swept volume.

I turned up a better/ temporary crank assembly.........

No joy.......

So....... He's all in pieces, on my bench. Awaiting rebuilding materials.

It's nice to be back at it, once again! 


Hi David,

Please to hear you are feeling better  :cartwheel:

--- Quote from: Stilldrillin on September 29, 2016, 01:22:40 PM ---and now feel a new man!
--- End quote ---

Sometimes I think that I too would like to feel a new man  :mischief: but so far I have come to the conclusion that machine tools and castings sets are more reliable  :embarassed:


Ian S C:
David, I don't see how the displacer can operate connected to the crank the way it is. Does the vertical bolt with the acorn nut on top slide up and down in the L shaped  block on the crank, if so I would have thought there would be a lot of friction there.  I would be trying to loose a good bit of weight on the displacer linkage.  Also the displacer rod seems to be on the large side, but as long as the seal at the gland is OK, this should not cause any problem.
     The ratio between the displacer, and the power piston should be some where about 1.5 : 1, plus or minus a bit, a larger ratio will allow lower temperature.
     Minimum friction, no leaks, including the hollow displacer., and if it wont start remember that the displacer leads the power piston by 90*.
Ian S C

Hi Dave

Good to see you back at it, been on those Statin things myself for about the same time I seem to so far .
Not posted much myself as I'm on a loco build and things  happen at a slower pace on that sort of project but I recon I'm long over due updating you Guys


Welcome back to the shop Dave. Happy to hear you are doing better!



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