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about me
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:12:19 AM »
My name is Chester Long, I live in North central Illinois, I retired (2000)and I love to make things which I have been doing for 70+ years. I have a mill, lathe, drill press, welder, pedestal grinder and the normal hand tools. I collect and restore old hit and miss gas engines. I am a firearm collector and builder. I am interested in black powder guns and buck skinning. I build model gas hit and miss engines and model steam engines. And I do wood working when I have the need. I have made model trains, R/C sail boats and R/C planes. One ongoing project I have undertaken, is building a sixteen foot wood boat into which I will put my 1913 Gray 3 horse power two stroke engine I am working on. After I retired, I needed storage room for my hit and miss engine collection, so I designed and built a 16ft x 24ft building with a 7'x7' drawbridge door. If one has the will, one can usually accomplish just about anything, especially if you are frugal and can not afford to pay to have something done for oneself.  This should give all on this forum an idea of my interests.

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Re: about me
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Welcome to MEM Chester.

I play with full size antique engines and also make models too; you have found a great place!


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Re: about me
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Welcome Chester. You will fit right in here, in many ways!! Glad to have you join us.

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Re: about me
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Hi Chester and welcome to the forum!



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Re: about me
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Welcome aboard. If you have any questions there's always someone here who can get you the information.
Talent unshared is talent wasted.

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Re: about me
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Hi Chester and welcome to the group.


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Re: about me
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 :hi: Chester,

Do you have any pictures of your models that you have made that you could post? We like pictures  :)

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Re: about me
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Hi Chester, welcome to the group!