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Florian Eberhard:
Good Evening to everyone!

I thought i'd write something about that little cochran boiler, I started long time ago. (and never finished up to now)
For those of you who don't know what a cochrane boiler is, i have attached a sectional drawing of one.
The boiler was started in 2008 and the first part was one of the plates that holds the flues, which is being formed with a hammer, after bending it twice into a "U" shape.
The according form was made from wood which has been first machined to a cylinder and then had some material removed to bring it into the required shape.
The first plate is completed - next to the boiler tube which has an outer diameter of 60mm.
You can see the beginning of the forming process in the picture where the u-shaped copper sheet is being held by a wooden spacer and a screw clamp.
The wooden form turned out handy to drill the flue holes into the tube plates. The tubes were cut by saw and then machined to get a smooth end. Tube dimension is 6mm outer diameter and 0.5mm wall thickness. After finishing the tubes, I have put together the tubes and the tube plates to see if it was going to work how it should. And it did!  :D

Have a nice evening and see you next time,

Robert Hornby:
Very nice work indeed there Florian, I will be following closely.


oil mac:

             Absolutely superb workmanship & genius on overcoming a very difficult task, Also glad to see someone building a model of a Scottish boiler which was widely used

That's an interesting project Florian, its got my interest keep the progress reports coming please.


Hi Florian,
 Nice project! Watching & enjoying! Can't wait to see how you do the "Ogee" ring around the firebox

Cheers Kerrin


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