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Easy Sizing / cutting plan
« on: August 15, 2012, 07:46:15 AM »
Let me set out my lathe dials before we start 

1. its metric
2. the dials are graduated to take a curt off the dia.  eh dial up 1 and the dis. will reduce by 1mm

so to take your digital calliper / digital mic and zero it and sett it to the dimension you require
 then set the indicator to zero at this setting
 then measure the part in the lathe
 the resultant measurement is the amount to take off , you can then plan your cuts before hand , so no more cut and try

another tip with a digital calliper when you need to measure the centers off two identical shafts ( or holes if you put in test pins ) zero the calliper
measure one of the shafts/pins
zero the calliper at this position

measure over the outside of the shaft/pin that is the centre to center measurement     

hope it helps

My aim is for a accurate part with a good finish