Author Topic: What is 'b.m.s'?  (Read 5188 times)

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Re: What is 'b.m.s'?
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Gunmetal is a type of bronze which was originally used to make guns before it was superseded by steel. It is the type of bronze that foundry's make our castings  :embarassed: out of. There are two types of Gunmetal: Admiralty and Leaded GM, the Admiralty stuff having a better tensile strength and is more expensive. The Leaded GM replaces 2% of the zinc with lead making it easier to cast  ;)

We also talk about Phosphor Bronze but when we do we refer to three different materials: Drawn Rod, Hard Drawn Wire and Cast P.B which is used for bearings. Often evil stuff to machine  :ShakeHead:

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Re: What is 'b.m.s'?
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But all I can say is that all this makes my head hurt.
But not so different than going to school and realizing there's just so much more to learn and understand.
Cool. If things were simple...we'd all be the same.
Which is not a good thing. It's the differences that drive.

Anyway...this just points out how much more there is to learn and how much I depend on those who already know more than I.

This is a teaching forum. You can't get more of an accolade than that.

I have my own area of 'expertise'. There's no more satisfaction than people learning from me.

So thank you.
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Re: What is 'b.m.s'?
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All part of the community service , this is what makes this forum great the members have a vast pool of knowledge and are willing to share it .

We all have some knowledge however small that can help others , the question only has to be asked

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Re: What is 'b.m.s'?
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banana milk shake. >:D :LittleDevil: :lolb: :lolb:
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