Author Topic: V-Belt Spindle Pulley for Logan Lathe  (Read 2093 times)

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V-Belt Spindle Pulley for Logan Lathe
« on: February 22, 2015, 04:14:53 AM »
I have a 1952, 11" Logan lathe that was originally fitted with a flat belt, stepped spindle pulley.  Some years ago I converted it over to a single, 3/8" pitch timing pulley.  Although I had a variable speed DC motor powering it, I still had only one ratio between motor and spindle which was fine for higher speeds but not so good for slow turning large objects like flywheels.  So, I decided to convert it again, this time to a V-Belt, 4 step pulley.  I bought an Atlas spindle pulley off ebay where they seem to be plentiful and relatively cheap.  The model number is 10-79, like this one:

The pulley comes with a 1 3/4" OD bronze bushing inserted in the bore.  I pressed this bearing out and was able to enlarge the bore to 1 7/8", the OD of my spindle.  This only left about 1/16" of material in the valley of the smallest pulley, but the rest of the  pulley is left with about 3/16" meat which is plenty.  My lathe has long since had the backgear removed, as well as the bull gear.  I was able to turn down the aluminum timing pulley I had made to fit in the opening inside the large end of the Atlas pulley.  The slotted aluminum insert fits over a key in the spindle.  The cone pulley drives the aluminum insert with two, 3/16"  SHCS's, threaded thru two of the holes.  The heads rest in the two, round depressions in the Atlas pulley.  Here's a couple of pictures of my setup.

Next I have to fabricate a countershaft which will attach to the back of the lathe headstock.

So many projects, so little time...