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Confucius Says
« on: August 01, 2012, 06:31:16 AM »

Confucius Says:
 Man who run in
 Front of car get tired.
 Man who run behind
 Car get exhausted.
 Man with one
 Chopstick go hungry.
 Man who scratch butt
 Should not bite fingernails.
 Man who eat many
 Prunes get good run for money.
 War does not
 Determine who is right, war determine who is
 Wife who put
 Husband in doghouse soon find him in
 Man who drive like
 Hell, bound to get there.
 Man who live in
 Glass house should change clothes in
 Person who deletes this has no humor!!!

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Re: Confucius Says
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Man who stand with feet firmly on ground,
Have trouble getting trousers off.
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Re: Confucius Says
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Woman who sleeps outside in Jerusalem
Sure to wake up with heavy dew on top

Woman who fly plane upside down
Sure to have crack up.
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Re: Confucius Says
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OK now.  :ChineseBow:

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