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Hydraulic Press Mods
« on: August 01, 2012, 02:55:16 PM »
here's my hydraulic press: not very common here, I suspect, not being exactly a 'machine shop model'.

That scrounged item worked really at its best into exploding ball racers and bending arbors - never had any of that kind till I quit using the bench vice. -

With time, patience and repeated sessions on the lathe or mill I managed to quit hunting for the 'feel' on the lever(*) to keep an eye on the pressure gauge while pumping.

Anyway, the worst feature was the ~100mm dia upper plate: I do happen to press fit stuff that size, but it was a real pain when I was in need of putting together tiny items.
Try to place/keep two small items centered and aligned between two 100mm disks not enough far apart for Your fingers to get through them, to have an idea.

A pain.

When that upper plate dropped (wasn't 'sure' about fitting the parts together after forcing them apart, so avoided the dismounting) I realized it could be easily replaced.

It's much handier, now.


*) there's no such a thing as 'feel', not before the gauge is close to 100 bars (250max).

This is a fitting job,
not a production job that can be measured in.