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A Lathe of Two Halves
« on: December 27, 2013, 11:57:42 PM »
A few months ago I placed a wanted advert on a popular home workshop website asking if anyone had a cheap starter lathe for the grandson of a friend at work.
As it turned out I only got one response, and it was from someone in the Bradford Model Engineering Society of which I am a member. He had a lathe that he was prepared to give away if we could do something with it.
The lathe in question was a fairly old lathe marked with the makers name "York", there is very little information available but it seems to be quite rare and unusual, so it would be worth restoring it back to usable condition.

The only slight problem with it was that someone had sawn it in half  :ThumbsDown:

My friend has no facilities for this kind of work so I said leave it with me over Christmas and I will have a look at it for you.
This is what I have done with it.

The base is a slab of steel 3/4" thick, onto which is bolted and doweled a piece of 3/4" x 1" steel on its edge.
The lathe bed has been drilled and tapped for some grub screws in the side and top to allow it to be jacked into alignment.

I have also put some jacking screws under each end which are threaded into the base plate.

A nice straight piece of 5/8" rod fits both head and tail stock, and was also checked with a dial gauge.

I have got it all reading true with not too much trouble, but it may need fine tuning when it has actually been tested for for real.
It's not pretty but should be functional, so I will let him have it back in the new year and his grandson can give it a lick of paint. Hopefully another young model engine builder will emerge from this exercise.


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Re: A Lathe of Two Halves
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2013, 12:04:32 AM »
I would list that with any skilled surgeon putting the pieces back together!.....Heroic!

It'll work!....get it aligned and fill the base with JB....I'll hold.

The other product you could use is "Marine-Tex"....Good stuff.

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Damned ijjit!

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Re: A Lathe of Two Halves
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2013, 08:53:03 AM »
And I thought I had some interesting alignment problems  ::)
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Re: A Lathe of Two Halves
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Good save, very nice.