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Both Stu and me purchased a Simplex loco for refurbishment around the same time last year. Both of us have had other stuff on the go before we made a start on our separate projects. I've been working on mine on and off and apart from a few pics here and there I haven't started a thread. There's not much to be seen making new bushes and pins etc. Anyway now Bogs has started this new forum and there's a topic on restoration I'll start a thread here.

This loco was built in 1994 as a joint effort by two well known NZ loco constructors and,about 4 years later,  purchased by one of the then presidents of a local club. It seemed to earn its keep and looks like it had worked hard. It came with good documentation including photos taken in 2002 of defects that needed dealing with. Those same defects still needed work so I'm assuming not much had happened in the intervening 10 years.

First job was strip it down

As you can see it was a bit grubby and plenty needed doing


OK I'm going to fast forward this a bit. I cleaned up everything and re-painted the frames etc

Things then moved on further and the motion re-furbished, port faces skimmed and polished, new pistons, rods and CI rings, new cross heads, every bush replaced, all pin holes reamed up to the next metric size and all new pins. everything that needed it case hardened.  I didn't see much point in showing photos of all that and cleaning stuff. so here were are and I got all the running gear back together and gave it a blast of air.


Things weren't quite right and I called one of the club members who was going through a similar process on a 7.25" Phantom (NZ origins) I then decided to purchase Don Ashtons valve gear book. I had many evenings trying to make sense of it. Then lights went on and the realisation that the expansion link needed work to take out the wear in then die block. Through another forum I even ended up in a dialogue with the man himself. Now the valve gear is way better than it was in the video above. A bit of blow by on the piston rings but I'm told that should sort itself.



    Great job Pete. She sounds nice.


Down the line a bit than my re-build Pete, Great job seeing that will give me a kick to get more done, looking forward to seeing it in steam.


Hey Pete!

Great Work!

Feel free to post photo's of any of this rebuild....that's why we have a restoration section....and cleaning/painting and "dealing" with the defects is what it's all about



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