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Re: ER11 Multi-purpose tool
« Reply #30 on: December 10, 2013, 05:35:14 PM »
Ok Arnold I'll let you off on the end of year thingee. I'm still betting she's dark and blonde 8). I taught welding for a few years. The greatest incentive to improve their welding skill involved a very heavy 9" side grinder and a half round bastard file (which was usually pretty dull). We called the grinders "South Georgia Milling Machines". Just focus and watch the puddle closely. Set your travel speed and rod angle by watching the undercut fill with the filler material. The closer the arc the better. I'm following along as I also have some ER? Collets and an R8 arbor that came with a milling accessories kit when I bought my mill. Haven't used them, however, now I'm getting ideas.

See ya boy,
Dark and blond? Only in Tennessee! Keep you mind on the weld, boy.

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Re: ER11 Multi-purpose tool
« Reply #31 on: December 11, 2013, 02:37:32 AM »
That's a really useful tool you've made Arnold, very easy to use. In the video, it looks as if the milling cutter is moving across the item being machined, and I couldn't detect a relative movement of the background to suggest that the camera was mounted on the milling table. Whatever, the tool looks very quick to index.

Cheers, Hugh.

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Re: ER11 Multi-purpose tool
« Reply #32 on: December 11, 2013, 05:18:33 AM »
A great little tool Arnold. Better than what you can buy for many little jobs.