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Custom Angle Plate
« on: November 27, 2013, 09:14:35 PM »
I've been having difficulty arranging jobs held on an angle plate on my mill so that I can utilise the full X and Y range.  JasonB suggested a webless angle plate so that jobs can be mounted on the inner face.  I got a 4 "Soba plate from Axminster tools.  These cast iron plates are ground on the outside surfaces and edges but the inner is as-cast.


I wanted to be able to mill a pair of slots at the mill table T slot spacing.  The best solution I could come up with was this slightly hairy arrangement which is pretty much at the limit of my machine.

I used a 3/8" slot drill and it went OK.  Having got the T slots I needed to mill the inner surface.  Fortunately I have low profile vice designed for the Dore-Westbury milling machine.

The  angle plate can be mounted to the table this way:

or that way

That took me pretty well all day, including cleaning up all the CI swarf and re-oiling the slides.

So, that gives me a lot more flexibilty about where the plate is fastened to the mill table.  Thanks Jason.