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Hugh Currin's Shop - Again
« on: May 29, 2020, 04:01:54 PM »
It's been about a year since I updated you all. I left you hanging last spring (yes a year ago). I was packing up the Traveling Sherline Show to leave Arizona for travels.

So, we spent spring/summer/fall mostly traveling around New Mexico. Bought a new to us 25' trailer as the 19' was a little small for the two of us and two dogs. Then went back to Brenda, AZ for the winter. We'd decided to keep a permanent space there and get a shed for summer storage and winter shop. The 10'x14' shop shared between my machining and Denise's lapidary (rocks). It took a good bit of time to wire and finish the shed. Then in January we decided to buy a house in Prescott Valley. We still plan to travel at least half the year using the PV house for summers. (crowded camping out there summers.) This took a good deal of our time. The result was very little machining this year and no work on the LTD Stirling.

Then around mid-March the Pandemic hit. We know at least one subconscious reason for getting the house was a nice place to sit this out. Been here some 2 1/2 months now. Was going to have a small detached shop built but this turned out to be VERY expensive. So, my wife allowed me to take over two bays of the three car garage for my new shop. I again have a 20'x20' area but now it needs to keep all the metal working as well as the wood. Had a contractor come in and put up a dividing wall, put in a lot more electric and a good heater. Earlier this month we felt safe enough to shoot up to Oregon and bring back all the stuff we had stored there. This included all my metal working tools, except for the Traveling Sherline Show. Just today we rented a fork lift to move the lathe and mill from a utility trailer into the new shop. A quick four corner tour:

It isn't nearly set up yet. I need to build some tool carts, metal and wood, one or two work tables, more shelving and storage, etc. I just ordered VFDs for the lathe and mill. Also have a TIG welder on order. I'm realizing it took 10-20 years to set up my last shop so I shouldn't be surprised this one is taking longer than I'd like. May well be into winter before I'm back to the LTD Stirling, but it's still on the list.

Also have on order a small lathe and mill for the winter shop in Brenda. I plan to CNC both. The Sherline is a little small for my needs and I have trouble doing work with it. I quickly run into its limitations. Glad to expand on why this is true for me, but this is long enough already.

So, I'm happy with all the changes, although much poorer than before.

Hope you are all healthy and happy. Have a good summer and I'll update as things happen.

P.S. For the full story see under Escaped Doodles.

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Re: Hugh Currin's Shop - Again
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2020, 05:57:45 PM »
Great to hear an update from you, Hugh!

Glad you enjoyed the time out on the road, and nice to see your new shop too!  It looks very nice.  Can't wait to see it all outfitted and ready to run.