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Ray Hasbrouck #5
« on: September 12, 2013, 10:22:47 PM »
I have started to build a 2 cylinder steam engine that is suppose to power a boat but I am not into building boats this will make one impressive model that won't be hard to look at for those of us who have trouble seeing, let alone making tiny parts.

This is huge the pistons alone are two inches in diameter and the plans say that this will weigh approximately 48 pounds.

Lots more parts to make that should keep me busy and out of trouble for the next few months

I finally got the photo to come out properly, this I pad is great if I could just figure it out
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Re: Ray Hasbrouck #5
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From one who has seen this engine in's a great engine.

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Re: Ray Hasbrouck #5
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Looks like you have a good start on it Jack. You ave my attention and I will be following your built.  :ThumbsUp: