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Agnes.... 1/16 Scale Pollit & Wigzell Tandem Compound Condensing Engine.

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Grub Screws...........Who mentioned Grub Screws ? .........Not on my engine thankyou.  ;D

Those eccentrics are actually held in place with two hexagon head bolts at 90 to each other, as per full size. The only difference on the model will be the screws will eventually have dimples drilled into the crankshaft once the timing has been established, the full size engine had some gripper pads between the ends of the bolts and the shaft. The bolts are going to be very fiddly to fit and then adjust the timing, so it could get interesting.
Seriously though I may use some grub screws initially until the timing is set, then swap them for the correct bolts later, It is one of my pet hates being able see modern fasteners on something like this, I dont mind if they can be hidden, but certainly not on show.

That fixture was actually a Graham Meek idea, he documented it when explaining how to mill the base and nose radii on small engine cams, so I just modified it a bit to do these eccentrics.


mike mott:
I really like the look of those eccentrics.



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