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Agnes.... 1/16 Scale Pollit & Wigzell Tandem Compound Condensing Engine.

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Just managed to finish the eccentrics to go with the straps, here are a few photo's (I keep forgetting to stop and take photo's so they are a bit random)

Having cut the outer groove to be a good running fit in the straps, the blanks were parted off to width and then drilled and finally bored to size with a single point tool, I did not have a 13/16" reamer.

I then made a fixture that could be slid along the tee slots of the rotary table to give me the offset for machining the cutaways.

The following photo's show it in use.

The same fixture was then used to add the holes for the fixing bolts.

Here they are almost finished.


Dave Otto:
Nice detail, good to see some progress in this interesting engine.


Great parts! And I love the idea for the sliding fixture on the rotary table, gotta make something like that...!

Those eccentrics are really nice looking!  Like Dave said, nice detail!
The sliding fixture is a pretty cool idea too.

Nice to see some progress Phil  :)

Did you position the grub screws where you have so that you can use headed bolts while you set up the timing?



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