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Agnes.... 1/16 Scale Pollit & Wigzell Tandem Compound Condensing Engine.

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Dave Otto:
What a nice engine.

Both of them; the full sized one and the model. I'm looking forward to watching this project progress.


Fascinating.  This is going to be a super flywheel when finished.  Following along Phil.


damm these casting are beautiful!  :o you got a very detailed and interesting proyect there, I will be following with lots of interest

good luck!


I am assuming that the flywheel segments sit in the U of the aluminium jig and the grub screws give you some sort of levelling adjustment. But  :noidea: once the segment is in the jig you can't get at them to adjust them.

Looks like a good quality pour  :ThumbsUp: Did you get some spares cast at the same time?



--- Quote ---The thing that has me intrigued with the flywheel is how the spokes are held to the centre boss.
--- End quote ---

If you look at the pictures, you see that the hub is a disk with radial bores for the spokes. The spokes are pushed into these bores and held (radially) by wedges.

Interesting construction of the flywheel!

Why wasn't the in-gate for the casting placed on the outer circumference or one of the two sides? In Germany, we do signal (to the foundry) places for gates etc. by a yellow hatching.



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