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Ikea bits and pieces
« on: April 27, 2013, 02:16:14 PM »
Both these items have been mentioned before but I think deserve another look / review, firstly a Jansjo led work light;

The light gives a nice bright focussed beam, the head is easily adjustable and apart from the base being a bit on the light side (I stuck mine to a disc of ally with double sided tape to improve this) works really well.

In use on the milling machine;

Next is the Bekvam kitchen trolley which makes a perfect stand for a small lathe or mini mill or just to give a bit more work space;

The trolley is a piece of cake to put together, everything fits nicely and goes together square.  I used wood glue on assembly to make it a bit more stable and also stained it with Patina.

The wheels mean it's easy to move even fully loaded;

10 for the light and 35 for the trolley - I think they are both bargains.  Ikea only seem to carry limited stock of the trolley so check before you visit.


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