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Re: Age and Model Engineers
« Reply #60 on: January 23, 2013, 10:28:21 PM »
Mmmm ............ Male, Female and .................. Convertible ???  :lolb:

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Re: Age and Model Engineers
« Reply #61 on: January 24, 2013, 01:10:44 AM »
A bit of context many of us are there in the world....including experienced model makers and those making serious attempts at getting into it?   Suppose we say 1,000,000 which is probably a generous number. Out of a world population of some 7 billion, that would be 1 in 7000.   I can certainly empathize with Marv's example...that kid's momma should have taught him "if you can't say something nice the don't say anything" but that reminds me of the saying (somewhat out of context i admit), you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!! Despite our love of the hobby, the fact remains that we are a pretty small minority.  I still take engines to shows and let kids touch and play with them, hoping to maybe find and influence in a good way, that 1 in 7000.


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Re: Age and Model Engineers
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To quote John Lennon, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."

I've always been a fan of all things mechanical, but my plans have changed as time has gone on. Back in high school metal shop I built a couple of small steam engines and also did some aluminum foundry items. Had a ball.  Loved every minute of it!

I developed an interest in live steam locomotives back in about 1980 or there abouts. I didn't have the money to purchase any equipment, and even if I would have, I had no place to put any of it. So, I watched from a distance, attended steam shows, etc, and drooled alot. 

1984 - Got married - wife agrees that when I quit smoking, I can apply former cigarette money to a locomotive.  :smokin2:
1985 - First son is born
1987 - Second son is born, dies a short time later.  Medical bills up the wazoo.
1989 - Third son is born
1990 - Finally bought a house!  Now I've got some room. Bought a stick welder and a Sawzall.
1992 - Went into business for myself - little extra money, but managed to get an air compressor, drill press, and a wire feed welder
1994 - Wife becomes deathly ill - no medical insurance - medical bills again - HUGE ones this time!
2004 - Finally have medical bills paid off
2009 - I quit smoking  :whoohoo:    Also realized that maybe I should keep my interests in something a little smaller and easier to handle. Thus my switch to model engines, no matter what type of power.
2010 - Bought a used Logan lathe, some tooling, etc. - made a few small projects
2011 - Picked up a Keller power hacksaw for cheap - fixed it up some, made some more small odd projects along the way.
2012 - Bought a Clausing 8520 mill and some more tooling
2013 - Kids are finally all moved out, now have room in basement - currently fixing up a room for the shop so I don't have to try to work in the garage!!     :cartwheel:

So, I am finally exploring and enjoying my interest in model engines, in my 50's, not my 70's, but getting here was a rough and rocky road. But, I am grateful for what I have, and thankful that I can now get into this wonderful hobby. Thanks also to all of you here, as your ideas and thoughts are helpful too! 


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Re: Age and Model Engineers
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Hi Dave
Of course there is snobbery in this forum, it's no different to any other forum or "walks of life" in that respect.
However categorizing the engine builds and relegating them to sub forums just seemed an odd thing to do (to me) when the tittle of this forum is Model Engine Maker. I couldn't care less how one builds it, or from what but some must otherwise they would not have been categorized in the way they are.
Yikes I'm having a good day to day  :cartwheel:
Well DaveH no disrespect meant but I find the sub cats a good thing. As a beginner in this model stuff (only used lathe for small repairs in my business at the time) I find its an easy walk to the info I need or want while working on a project. Nothing more time consuming than trying to hunt down info on a site with no idex(ices?) yep language nuances too  :Lol: but again this forum allows for discusion and helps to set what the members want unlike some other forums I have looked at.
As to why I took so long to try modelling it was simply the magazines available in my area from news agents were mostly 1 Aussie and 2 Brit magazines. The Aussie & 1 Brit mags where mostly steam loco which I enjoy watching but don't really want to build one and the staionary engines where hardly dicussed except as a small column which made it sound as if it was only put in as a sop to readers like me. It was the forum HMEM that produced stuff I lied and members that where generally very helpful and knowledgeable and I was upset when it was sold and members dropping off the site. Thankfully for discusions on MadModders I found them here and quickly joined up and saw the names of others from the other site joining up daily. Still miss a few like Brian Rupnow among others but live in hope
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Age and Model Engineers
« Reply #64 on: January 24, 2013, 02:31:13 AM »
I also like the forum categories. It just makes it really easy to find things - especially when I am browsing for ideas.

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Re: Age and Model Engineers
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HMM I read scanned  this thread.
here are some observations in no particular order.
Cabin fever ME expo has been growing a good thing now moved to April.
My son  built a couple engines when he was 14 he is now 23. and works with me as a scale mechanic.
Times have changed and life is more computer centered than ever. CAD CNC hand held devices online forums etc.
I learned machining in 1997 and stared as a hobby in 2001. and have helped on On-line forums for the last 5 + years.
I am I guess one of the young ones at 50 something.
Machining programs in junior colleges have given way to robotics programs.
I have considered volunteering at a museum about an hour away but they want 7 day a week availability NOT Possible for me.
Statics show that in most groups 10% of the people do 80% of the work.
of course 57% of all statistics are made up on the spot.