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Low Profile Top Slide Handle.
« on: January 11, 2013, 09:38:43 PM »
I have added a DRO to my Myford S7 which is a great asset, although the way I have installed the cross slide scale restricts the use of the top slide handle:

So I decided to make a smaller handle.  The handle is held on a taper, so by turning the top slide until a  DTI had zero movement when traversed along the taper, I knew that the top slide was set at the same angle:


 As the taper is being measured quite a way from the pivot it is quite tricky to get a zero reading, and quite large angular movements are required to change the sense of the DTI movement..

A 6.5 mm hole was drilled through a piece of stock, followed by boring out the tapered hole using the top slide.

Not much metal has to be removed ? the opening in the taped hole is about 8.5mm

I was fortunate to have a spare screw to use as a gauge!  In fact this showed I had bored too far - there needs to be a 2.7mm gap for the spring washer.  I just skimmed the face to size.

Knurl, chamfer, part off, reverse to drill for the fixing screw.  I finished with a 10mm end mill to give a flat bottom to the hole.

 In position!  I have to say it works perfectly. The original was in aluminium as a proof of concept.

This one is 25 mm dia steel, just slightly smaller than the adjustable collar.

York, UK